Scott Gottschalk

Author & Speaker

Your Bucket List;
The Perfect Legacy

Do you catch yourself saying, “I could have, would have, or should have” more than you would like to? Or are you comfortable stretching beyond your comfort zones to discover your hidden greatness? Either way, after this life-reflecting presentation, you will be shouting, “Watch out planet earth, HERE I COME!”

Formerly an Agriculture Education Instructor, Scott Gottschalk has more than 30 years experience as an International Consultant.
Globe-trotting across 40+ countries in all seven continents, including Antarctica, Scott has captivated audiences across our planet with his passionate motivational and inspirational messages. While providing consulting services in exotic places such as Siberian Russia, Uganda, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, he authored three books: The Folk and Their Fauna, Nine Lives to Eternity, and Terrifying Tales Unleashed.

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