International Speaker, Business Coach, & Networking Expert

Orly Amor is an internationally known speaker, business coach for public speakers, Networking Expert and author of several books. She is a visionary and a connector, passionate about helping people connect and build strategic alliances and their sphere of influence.

Orly uses her public speaking, networking skills and contacts to help executives and sales managers build their sphere of influence. She helps C-Level Executives, HR Executives and Sales Managers increase their bottom line in sales with her keynotes and workshops.

In her work with entrepreneurs, executives and coaches, Orly saw that there was no one place for all of them to meet and help each other advance their businesses. So she started the Health & Wellness Network for Commerce (HWNCC). Now the HWNCC meets in several cities and has chapter events, expos and programs for members and non-members.

Orly started the Social Wow Factor Conference so that entrepreneurs, business owners, wellness professionals, and career professionals can embark on professional development and personal growth journeys in a profoundly inspiring and outrageously fun way.

The Global Mentoring Center is a hub that Orly started for speakers and authors. It is a corporate mentoring training service provider, publishing facilitator and matchmaker for Mentor and Mentees.

In her Business in a Box for Public Speakers program, Orly shows speakers, coaches, authors and business leaders who want to be booked and have a 6-figure speaking business do exactly that. The Dos and Don’ts, Who, Where & When to call, and What to Say and How to Say It.

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