Michelle Evans

SEO Expert
Spartan Websites CEO

5 Insider Freebies that Friendify Google

Bring a new pen and notepad to this class! Get hot actionable tips, best practices, and powerful FREE tools that experts use to get your website making money for you. Making friends with Google and other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, etc.) is the key to making new friends who love your stuff. The first goal is to drive visitors (aka “traffic”) to your site. SEO is where it’s at. But THEN you gotta create a “funnel” to engage and guide visitors to take the action steps
you want them to take!  You’ll leave his meaty workshop full, happy and empowered to monetize your website.

Michelle was doing SEO before Google was even a search engine, so you can imagine her knowledge base. Over 15 years in SEO, she has worked with hundreds of clients – from multi-million dollar companies to the small local business that sells cupcakes – helping them reach their full website potential. With a passion and talent for keeping things in perspective while watching the bottom line grow, it’s no surprise that she’s been featured on numerous Google panels. She is certified in both analytics and Adwords.

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