Ken Rochon

Social Media Guru
Author & Publisher

Stop Selling: Get
5-Star Reviews
& 5-$tar $ales

You’re doing important things in the world. Does the world know? What if you never had to “sell” or prove your expertise to another potential client? Imagine never again trying to convince anyone of the unique value of your product or service? At this workshop, you will learn a powerful yet simple strategy to attract people who are convinced and ready to buy what you’re offering. Curious? See the case studies proving this simple Social Media campaign strategy for getting lots of REAL 5-Star Reviews on the web, in the places that count.
The first 50 to show up get a free copy of Ken’s book. Don’t be late for this one!

Ken Rochon’s primary focus is supporting great leaders. Over 500 artists, authors, entrepreneurs, musicians, speakers and “thought leaders” have created epic viral campaigns using Ken’s strategies. His company, The Umbrella Syndicate, reaches about 40,000 people a week on Facebook, and helps over 800 Pages grow their campaigns and events, using amplification strategies to leverage social media. With over 100,000 clicks and engagement each week, it’s one of the most active Social Media Pages in the world. Ken has also authored 10 books and published 40+.

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