Social Wow Factor Cruise Conference Founder: Orly Amor


A unique combination of extensive education and challenging background has transformed Orly from “simple citizen of the Republic” to fierce Jedi Night. Despite holding a Law Degree, as well as an MBA, her passion is to “Pay it Forward” by empowering others to fulfill their potential.

Gathering mission-based speakers from all over the world, her vision for Social WOW Factor events is to change lives intellectually, spiritually and financially. The mission is to inspire and motivate you to become the best you possible, and bring the WOW factor back into your personal and professional life.

Starting literally from nothing after the crash in 2008, followed by further misfortune in 2011, Orly found a way to bounce back and help others, while building her company, The Global Mentoring Center. She found her passion by helping authors, speakers and coaches succeed around the world.

Orly’s electrifying rise was forged from real business principles, ground-breaking ideas and step-by-step action plans. She has replaced the ‘Dear Abby’ advice column with ‘Oh Orly,’ now appearing in 17 publications in the New York Metro Area. The Social WOW Factor Conferences have grown from her commitment to help business owners who are willing to work, take action, receive and apply guidance – to experience the rewards only a profitable, thriving business can deliver.

Orly is now the best-selling author of numerous co-authored publications. An international speaker – all the way to Sri-Lanka – she is also a Personal and Business Coach to some of the most affluent leaders in the U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard.

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