International Speaker, Business Coach, & Networking Expert

Orly Amor is an internationally known speaker, business coach for public speakers, Networking Expert and author of several books. She is a visionary and a connector, passionate about helping people connect and build strategic alliances and their sphere of influence.

Orly uses her public speaking, networking skills and contacts to help executives and sales managers build their sphere of influence. She helps C-Level Executives, HR Executives and Sales Managers increase their bottom line in sales with her keynotes and workshops.

In her work with entrepreneurs, executives and coaches, Orly saw that Continue reading


Leadership Expert
Corporate Consultant

Lead Yourself First
So Your Team Can
Lead and Follow

Ever wish you had a team that was truly loyal? Building a loyal team of leaders is easier said than done. It requires leading yourself first. You must establish and communicate a clear set of values. Then create an environment that encourages and challenges each person, yet allows for efficiency and completion of assignments.  At this keynote, you will discover proven secrets for evaluating and upgrading your team’s niche and culture, so each member will be motivated to follow and empowered to co-lead the team to achieve all of its goals. Continue reading

Scott Gottschalk

Author & Speaker

Desperate Moments, The Making Of A Transformed Life

After heading down the pathway of sin, self-destruction, and near death, this amazing tale takes a turn for the positive. What bizarre events made the difference in one man’s life?

Formerly an Agriculture Education Instructor, Scott Gottschalk has more than 30 years experience as an International Consultant.

Globe-trotting across 50+ countries in all seven continents, including Antarctica, Scott has captivated audiences across our planet with his passionate motivational and inspirational messages. Continue reading


Juliee Hafner Headshot
Communication Strategist

Express Yourself: Making Confident Communication Your Business


Developing Confidence in Your Personal Communication

Learn the 7 techniques to better communication in both your business and your personal life.

As skilled professional with expertise in relationship‐building, Julee develops effective communication with individual clients, in teams, and across organizations. Continue reading