Leadership Expert
Corporate Consultant

Lead Yourself First
So Your Team Can
Lead and Follow

Ever wish you had a team that was truly loyal? Building a loyal team of leaders is easier said than done. It requires leading yourself first. You must establish and communicate a clear set of values. Then create an environment that encourages and challenges each person, yet allows for efficiency and completion of assignments.  At this keynote, you will discover proven secrets for evaluating and upgrading your team’s niche and culture, so each member will be motivated to follow and empowered to co-lead the team to achieve all of its goals.

Bert Oliva is a renowned bilingual public speaker, author and corporate trainer, who has received national recognition for delivering “how to” techniques with a high-energy message. No one can captivate audiences like Bert does, with his compelling stories and experiences. Demonstrating how to communicate more positively and powerfully, he speaks to the heart of each person in the audience, as if they were alone together. Bert regularly conducts Team Building and Management Communication Seminars that improve employee relations, morale, productivity and sales. For 21+ years, he has been helping people achieve their dreams by transforming self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs. This is a man who can motivate anyone to triumph over fear, self-doubt or phobias.

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