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Pricing / Investment

When was the last time you were able to legally deduct the cost of a cruise vacation? This conference on a cruise is about personal AND professional development! So you may be able to write-off the entire investment in yourself as “professional development” expense, on your next Income Tax Return. That could save you about 25 – 50% off the below rates, in the form of lower taxes – even a Tax Refund!

If you own a business, are starting one, or declare income from any hobby each year, this cruise conference probably qualifies as a business expense! Even if you are not self-employed in any way, you may be able to deduct it as professional development if it makes you more valuable on the job. See the topics to be covered and ask your tax advisor for details. Either way, it’s the ultimate vacation at a very affordable price!

Abundant Gourmet Cuisine

One thing that stresses me out, on land vacations, is having to find a good restaurant – three times a day! It’s always an expensive risk. And what if we’re not hungry at the same time? Not fun.  The simple act of eating involves too much time, money and stress. Enough to ruin my appetite.

If you have special dietary needs, such as gluten-free, diabetic, vegetarian, dairy free… good luck finding ONE restaurant for each  meal, and forget about variety. On a cruise ship, you just talk with the dining room manager about it on the first day. They create special meals! No extra charge. It doesn’t get any better than that.

On a cruise ship, mealtime is one of the easiest, most enjoyable parts of vacation, because multiple restaurants and buffets are included. It’s usually delicious, but if you don’t like your appetizer, entree, or dessert, you can just get another one. Try that in Italy! I did, and wound up in an argument with the waiter.

I’d rather recall the time we indulged in a premium French Bistro on a Cruise. It was an extra $15/person, but soooo worth it. Check this out… (more…)

The Ultimate Vacation

As discussed in previous posts, cruising with friends or family is a wonderful way to travel and vacation because of the flexibility and freedom. But even if you vacation alone, a Conference on a Cruise Ship is simply the ULTIMATE VACATION! Here’s why…

Connect with new friends.
In addition to all the wonders of a cruise vacation, you also get to meet and play with like-minded others attending the conference. What a great way to make new friends quickly!

More options for fun… and networking!
If your kids or travel companions want or need to go to bed early, or sleep in late, you’ve got other playmates! Not so easy on a land-based vacation.

A Transformational Vacational!
The Social WOW Factor Conference is all about personal growth and professional development. Develop skills and contacts that can make you more successful at work and play. And take it all as a…

Tax write-off!
A conference taking place on a cruise requires that you have access to all that food, fun, and entertainment all week long. Land-based conferences don’t!  Since the conference can make you more profitable or productive in your business, profession or career, the whole trip may be written-off as business expense!

How fun is that?

Disclaimer: Not meant as professional advice. Ask your tax advisor if your situation qualifies.

Posted by SWF Co-host Lois Grasso, Holistic Health Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Transformational Breath Facilitator, and Host/Founder of the Evolving Conscious Community Cruise 2013, group pictured above.

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