Anna Pereira & Shari Alyse

Wellness Universe

Fear Stops Here: Revealing the Real YOU!

Early in life, we are trained to behave in ways that please others. For some, our survival depended on it. Being truthful about who we were and how we felt wasn’t always applauded. As adults it can still be scary to reveal who we really are and express our true feelings. But doing so is necessary to overcome the fear. In this program, Anna and Shari Alyse will make it
fun and safe to give yourself permission to be more authentic than ever before. The benefits will show up in every aspect of life and business.

Anna Pereira’s guiding principal is “Achieve with Authenticity”. An inspiring community builder with over 800K on her Facebook page, she is leading The Wellness Universe movement. Anna creates positive┬áchange through heart-centered and authentic living, the foundation of success in both personal and business relationships.

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